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Resources for Christian Singles
www.christiansinglesfellowship.co.uk - UK holiday programme
www.cffaustralia.com - CFF Australia
www.singleness.org - Inspiration, encouragement, and support for Christian singles who desire to live purposeful lives for Jesus Christ.
www.crosswalk.com/singles - Discuss life, read articles & blogs and search books.
www.clubsolo.org.au - Australian ministry to Christian singles
www.zyworld.com/purenhart2/encouragingwordsforchristiansingles.htm - Encouragement and teaching for Christian Singles.

New Zealand Sites for Singles
www.reality.org.nz/articles/27/27-pritchard.html - Sexuality and Singleness
www.reality.org.nz/articles/27/27-clark.html - Talk Down

Other New Zealand Sites
www.christianbookstore.co.nz - Christian Bookstore online
www.tearfund.org.nz - Tear Fund - Christian Action

Christian Resources
www.biblegateway.com - Bible Gateway - Search the Bible in various translations and languages.
www.ccci.org/how-to-know-god/who-is-jesus-god-or-just-a-good-man/index.htm - Who is Jesus?
www.actsweb.org - Acts International

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