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Special Spring greetings to you.         

Spring is a good time to branch out and seek new friendships.  We encourage you to take advantage of the opportunities that CFF(NZ) offers and get involved.



Although we met through CFF(NZ) many years ago, we have recently celebrated a special anniversary thanks to CFF(NZ).  We found it difficult meeting other single Christians in our church and were members for several months prior to making contact.  CFF was the answer for us and we thank God for this ministry.


I want to thank you for the opportunity to try the Christian Singles Net.  At the moment  my life has got too busy and I need to withdraw. I want to thank you for the wonderful service.


I appreciated your site last year.  I was very nervous about stepping out but you gave good advice which was very helpful in getting me going because I would have found any reason to not go ahead.  However God really did seem to want to use this avenue.  Nearing the end of my membership which I had decided not to renew because it all seemed too emotionally hard I had contact with a lovely man.  I knew deep within that God had given me a treasure and although he was just as scared as I was, with God's amazing intervention and work in both our lives, within about eight months after our first interactions we were married.  We have now been married for just over six months and this has been  like God's greatest blessing and true to His word of 'restoring the years the locusts have eaten'.
Thank you for being faithful to the work God has encouraged you in and I hope this will encourage you also.


I have decided after a week’s trial not to pursue the idea at the moment.  We live in feverish times where everyone wants ‘instant’ connections and there is a big market catering for that but The Lord won't have His hand twisted to any man's beck and call and I am thankful for that ....


Please remove my account on Christian Singles because God has blessed me with a developing relationship with a gentleman.  Thank you ..


I have looked at a lot of Christian online dating sites and CFF appeals as it lacks the 'worldliness' I have found on many other sites.  I feel positive about this medium for me possibly meeting someone as my world for the past 23 years has been very limited socially - despite work and church.


I am looking for as many friends as possible so I hope it is ok that I write to ladies too...sometimes having a sister in Christ helps a lot...


Your charges are very minimal and to be honest I would not be interested in anyone that didn't pay their membership anyway!


I do question about taking the initiative .....I am a decisive/intentional person and know when I like someone but taking the initiative (is not my preference) ...I am happy to put as much about myself as is wise on the internet but I think this time I would like a man to show an interest in me first.



Although we do not currently have the resources to organise live-in weekend camps we are still willing to be involved if we have help from other CFF members.

There is also the possibility of running live-out Christian Single weekends ‘Significant and Single’ which Norma would co-ordinate.  The support of current members is needed before this can happen.

If you are interested in meeting up with others we are prepared to book a venue in your area - it could be something as simple as a ‘Christian Dining’ meal out.

If there is sufficient interest notices will be sent out to all members in your region, and bookings made.  If resources allow, Norma may attend these functions.



AUCKLAND members have been invited to join in a number of activities over recent months thanks to Peter.  These have included; Waitakere walks, Auckland Art Gallery and mini golf.  Another Auckland member is interested in organising regular movie-coffee-dinner-lunch meet ups at Rialto, Newmarket.

Help needed  Currently we need someone who could help Peter with the next event  - a potluck meal at someone’s church followed by a DVD or board games.  Contact Norma if you would like to be involved as a one-off.

WELLINGTON members were invited to a lunch at a café at Raumati followed by a walk along Paraparaumu Beach.  This has been postponed until the weather is warmer.

Please Help: We are particularly keen to hear from CFF(NZ) members who are willing to oversee a one-off function in their city or town.  It really is simple and little is required of you except to be there on the day as a point of contact. 



We are very aware that for CFF(NZ) to grow we need to increase our membership. 

Unfortunately 2000 trial members have been withdrawn from the website because they want a free service only, with no effort required and it is wanted NOW!

It means everybody misses out.  The paid members who are seeking new friendships and those who want new friendships but are not willing to contribute in any way.

The people who benefit most from CFF(NZ) are those who are proactive in seeking new friendships which can mean going outside their comfort zone - ideal location, age, etc..  We encourage making same gender friends to enjoy some social contact and fellowship together.


Giving up without any effort?

Increasingly we find that members are going online and doing nothing except putting their profile ‘out there’ - perhaps just waiting for someone to offer friendship to themselves without any effort from themselves.  If you do nothing it is almost guaranteed that you will get nothing in return.

We encourage you to take the initiative and reach out in friendship to others.

*It is expected that all CFF members are replied to - even if in the negative.  It is a simple courtesy.  The main rule for CFF membership is from the words of Jesus Matthew 7:12 ‘Here is a simple rule-of-thumb guide for behaviour’.  Ask yourself what you want people to do for you, then grab the initiative and do it for them.” (The Message Paraphrase).



Radio New Zealand National Sat 2 June 2012 in  ‘This Way Up’ broadcast.

Hollywood screenwriter turned online dating consultant Matt Prager (who) helps people navigate their way through this complex and sometimes cruel world.
You may find something helpful so check it out on their website:




CFF(NZ) is entering its 30th year this month.  Over the last 29 years not a lot has changed in the  suggestions offered to members.  Past  newsletters from Stan & Gladys Shields (who met through CFFUK and started up CFF in NZ in 1983) read: 

“Be firm but not unloving’ (when turning down an offer of friendship)

“God has a definite plan and purpose for our lives, and that when we take practical steps to cause things to happen, we are simply co-operating with Him in fulfilling that plan and purpose.......”

“Remember that participation in a group will encourage and bless you and all those in the group you share with.  We all have something to give as well as to receive.”

“Most of us have the tendency to put off (making contact with others).  Procrastination is sometimes too easy to exercise to our detriment.  Paul writes in  2 Cor 8:11 (GNB) ‘On with it then, and finish the job  Be as eager to finish it as you were to plan it, and do it with what you now have’.’’



We continue to see scammers and we encourage all members to be wise.  At no stage in your membership do we expect you to be approached with a request for a gift or money.  Always err on the side of caution, and contact us if you are approached in this way - even in the name of undying love to you or for mission work!  “If something seems too good to be true, it usually  is”.  We work hard at keeping the scammers out, however we are aware that they also work hard at getting in!!  We would encourage you to never give out your personal details.

You are welcome  to contact us if you have any query or concern


“Teach me, Lord, to stop, and look and listen.

To be still in the mind when I stop.

To see beauty when I look.

To hear more when I listen.”  David Kossoff  “You have a minute, Lord? (A sort of Prayer Book)


Thanks for your support.  We can only grow with the support of paid membership.


May the Lord bless you richly and give you a new spring in your step.

Norma & David


CFF(NZ) Coordinators


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