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CFF is the place for Christian singles in NZ to meet each other. You may be looking for new friends or someone special. Please read our sign up process now.

Search for Christian singles when you join for free! Join now!

Free for a seven day trial.

Add your details and then browse the profiles of all other Christian singles. Then send a message (anonymous) to someone of interest.

We have been helping Christian singles for over 25 years. Our interest is in friendship, fellowship and social functions. Even with that focus over 1000 couples have married through CFF(NZ). That is just a bonus for some!

A large number of Christian singles have formed very supportive friendships through the CFF social groups and weekend camps.

We respect the dignity and value of single life (1 Cor 7:8) as Jesus lived by himself. Not all singles wish to be married and this is recognized.

We continue to emphasise friendship, support and group activities even though this site also caters for single Christians looking to meet someone special.

We look forward to helping you widen your circle of Christian friends. This is the purpose of CFF.


"It's great to know you belong"

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Members quotes

“Your organisation is great!.....Singles in the Body of Christ, because the church is so family orientated, often feel left out in the fellowship.”

“CFF has helped me by getting me out to meet people and therefore increased my chances of finding someone special to share life with.”

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